Those Infamous Peanut Butter Cookies

box-1988Many people recall that Girl Guides sold Peanut Butter Cookies at some point, but few can say when or for how long these cookies were available!

The answer? 1988 in Ontario.

Yes, that’s right. We sold Peanut Butter Cookies once, during the Spring of 1988 for $2.25 a box – and they must have been good as so many people have fond memories of those cookies!

(If you have sources showing sales in other provinces, please contact us!)

From the Ontario Newsletter (January 1988):

The All New 1988
Girl Guide Peanut Butter Cookie

In order to increase cookie sales, a delicious new cookie will be introduced in 1988. This peanut butter sandwich type cookie will be offered in addition to our popular chocolate and vanilla cookies.

We approach the 1988 Cookie Campaign with excitement and enthusiasm, and look forward to an even  more successful year than our record 1987 cookie year.

Sales of the new cookie will help significantly in reaching our goal of a 10% increase in sales. A new box has been designed and the carrying carton will reflect the two types of cookies.

We have an unlimited supply of the regular cookie, however, production of the peanut butter cookie is limited this year. Submit your orders early as these cookies are available while supplies last.

Peanut Butter Cookies were a success!

Plan now for the 1989 Cookie Campaign. Thank you for a most successful 1988 Campaign. The peanut butter cookies were well received and will be in their own box to be easily distinguished from the regular type. (Ontario Newsletter, September 1988)

But apparently not successful enough:

For the 1989 campaign, only the regular vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies will be available. This decision was made by the Provincial Council in September 1988 after reviewing all factors relating to the marketing of a second type of cookie. (Ontario Newsletter, January 1989)

And so ended the short, but oh so memorable, sale of Girl Guide Peanut Butter Cookies.


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