The Great Guiding Index Project

Inspired by the numerous questions on Facebook trying to date and identify Guiding badges & insignia, this is my attempt at creating useful lists and files.

Help Needed! If you have information about variations, missing badges, dates, name changes, etc. please let me know!

Dates contained in this project is based on formally published sources, including handbooks, PO&Rs, Guiding Magazines, Guide’s Book of Rules, Badge Books, and Websites.

This project would not have gotten off the ground without the incredible work by Thelma Newell and her book, The Consolidated Catalogue and List of UK and British Empire Girl Guide Badges (Centennial Issue), 2007.

UK Badges & Insignia
Rainbow Badges
Brownie Badges
Brownie Sixes
Guide Badges
Guide Patrol Emblems
Ranger Badges
Ranger Patrol Emblems

UK Standard Badges
Standard Badge Checklist